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caldav options in kde 4.7.4


...I'm looking for a way to connect my debian kde 4.7.4 / kdepim 4.4.11 to a 
sogo server for shared calendars. Using the integrated groupDav plugin did not 
work (kontact is showing errors when accessing those calendars, but initial 
communication seems to work since I can select the desired calendar from the 
folder-list during configuration...).

So I decided to use the calDav plugin from google 
(http://code.google.com/p/kcaldav, not maintained anymore). Using the plugin I 
can integrate the remote calendars and everything works fine (besides modifying 
existing entries...).

*But* when using the the above package (which was built for a ubuntu version) 
kontact/korganizer crashes over and over again (multiple times and hour, maybe 
related to the synchronisation...).

So is there a good way of using calDav in 4.7.4 without using the problematic 
calDav-plugin from google?

Any other method of using remote-calendars from  SOGo in kde?

thanks and regards,


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