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Great work...

Just wanted to drop you all a note about how much I appreciate your work
for Debian, especially as it relates to KDE. It is unfortunate that KDE
on Debian seems to be overlooked by almost everyone in the GNU/Linux
world, at least as far as end-users and reviewers are concerned.

I've been using KDE since it was released under the GPL/LGPL and I've
run it on several distros, including Red Hat (in the early days),
Libranet (best distro ever) Xandros, SuSE, and Mepis. I tried Kubuntu a
couple of times (quite some time ago) and PCLinuxOS, and a few others
I've since forgotten. I personally preferred SuSE until the Lenny
release. I've been with Debian ever since.

I did not switch to the "new and improved" version of KDE until Squeeze
was released (actually, while it was still "testing"). In my opinion,
Debian has the best "KDE distro" out there, yet I have <never> seen it
mentioned in any discussion of the KDE desktop. Shame, really. It may
not be perfect, but it's damn close. Certainly better than anything else
I've ever tried. It's unfortunate you guys don't get more (any) press.

Keep up the good work! It is much appreciated, by me at least.

Sincerely, Michael Haag

"It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire
  Michael Haag

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