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Re: Graphics System raster does not work

A Diumenge, 15 de gener de 2012 13:04:48, Beojan Stanislaus va escriure:
> I upgraded Qt to 4.8.0 from experimental, and found that applications using
> the raster graphics system (e.g. Klickety) failed to render correctly, and
> printed large numbers of BadDrawable X errors when started from Konsole.
> I then downgraded to Qt 4.7.4 again, and found that this problem persisted.
> In addition, with Qt 4.8.0, font rendering is much worse than before, and
> KDM crashes upon starting, but these problems disappeared again after
> downgrading.

I'm also unsig Qt 4.8.0 from experimental and I don't have any of those 
problems you mentioned.
I'm using Intel graphics driver on a SandyBridge processor.

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