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Re: Questions about the default activities in 4.7.4

On Thursday 12 January 2012 13:55:27 Iki Sham wrote:
> 1) When I start the 'Photos' activity I get an error for a widget (
> http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/snapshot106.php - note: the title is wrong :p
> ). Since I've hand-picked the KDE packages in my system, I thought maybe
> I'm missing some package. Or is it just some bug?

I've hand-picked my KDE packages as well and the Photos activity is only a blank (default) 
background image. IOW there's nothing in it (for me).

> 2) When starting the other default activities ('Desktop Icons' and 'Search
> and Launch'), the window that asks if we want to run the selected
> applications is empty. I suppose this means that the activities aren't
> configured to run any app and it's just some bug because in this case the
> window shouldn't be displayed. Am I right?

You get more then me then ;-)
The 'Desktop Icons' activity shows a folder icon for my home folder and a trash icon. Nothing more.
The 'Search and Launch' activity is just as useful as the Photos acitivity, iow only an empty 
background image.

> 3) The 'Photos' activity runs digikam and gwenview. Since these apps aren't
> shown (opened), does it mean that they're just 'pre-launched' (running in
> the background)? I supposed this because there's something digikam related
> running in the background and although there's nothing with a gwenview name
> running maybe the folder widget is it?

Sounds reasonable, but it doesn't run any of those on my system (but don't have digikam installed).
You can check if a program is running by pressing Ctlr+Esc.
Afaik the folder widget and gwenview don't have a (direct) relation.


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