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Questions about the default activities in 4.7.4

1) When I start the 'Photos' activity I get an error for a widget ( http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/snapshot106.php - note: the title is wrong :p ). Since I've hand-picked the KDE packages in my system, I thought maybe I'm missing some package. Or is it just some bug?

2) When starting the other default activities ('Desktop Icons' and 'Search and Launch'), the window that asks if we want to run the selected applications is empty. I suppose this means that the activities aren't configured to run any app and it's just some bug because in this case the window shouldn't be displayed. Am I right?

3) The 'Photos' activity runs digikam and gwenview. Since these apps aren't shown (opened), does it mean that they're just 'pre-launched' (running in the background)? I supposed this because there's something digikam related running in the background and although there's nothing with a gwenview name running maybe the folder widget is it?

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