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Re: Thanks for KDE 4.7.4

On 2011-12-19 22:00, Michael Schuerig wrote:
On Monday 19 December 2011, Michael Schuerig wrote:
[Updating to 4.7.4]

OK, I've managed it through some non-reproducible jugging with aptitude
and apt-get.


(sorry for the p.m., Michael)

This is how I start upgrading kde. My "aptgrep" script searches for the upgradeable packages with the string in question ($1), and I usually run it twice, first with kde as the search string, then with the old KDE version number derived from he atptiude info ("replacing X with Y"), e.g. 4.6.3. Finally I run

 # aptitude install ~nokular

and gwenview and dolphi, just to make sure the extras got pulled in.

The script can be used for other sets of packages as well, of course.





apt-get dist-upgrade -s | grep $1 | sed -n '/Inst/,$p' | grep -v Conf | cut -d' ' -f2 | tr '\n' ' ' | tee /tmp/aptgrep

PKG=`cat /tmp/aptgrep`

if [ "$PKG" = "" ]
  then echo nothing to be done, exiting ; echo ; exit
  else echo ; echo ; echo "install packages? [y/N]"
    read INST 1>/dev/null
      if [ "$INST" = "y" ]
        then apt-get install $PKG
        else echo no upgrade, exiting ; echo ; exit
exit 0

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