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Re: kate as set apart editor?

Thank You for Your time and answer, Martin:

>> Is it possible to use kate as set apart editor?
>> Having moved from KDE to LXDE, I got diver problems w/ kate - its
>> window parts (the editing area) are update only when cursor is moved,
>> often, it crashes by simple opening 'Open File' dialog.
>> Running from terminal (sux-ing for the user) I see this:
>> kate(20018)/kdecore (KSycoca): Error, KSycocaFactory (id = 1 ) not
>> found! kate(20018)/kdecore (KSycoca): Error, KSycocaFactory (id = 2 )
>> not found! kate(20018): No ksycoca4 database available! 
>Seems that there is no KDE system configuration cache available. Kate 
>shouldn´t crash then IMHO, but…
>What happens when you run ksycoca4 from a terminal inside your LXDE 

It crashes randomly, not constantly, but I will try running kate after
first started ksycoca4. But how should I start it - since there is no
such binary executable?

Or may I disable everything for kate so it would not wait for the KDE4

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