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Re: KDE SC 4.7 available in qt-kde.debian.net

Am Samstag, 26. November 2011 schrieb José Manuel Santamaría Lema:
> Hello,

Hi José!

> KDE Software Compilation 4.7.2 (except kdepim) has been uploaded to
> http://qt-kde.debian.net/

Yieeha! Thank you and all the others who worked on it very much! I am 
grateful for it. I bet it has been a lot of work!

Thanks for omitting kdepim for now. From what I read on kdepim-users 
mailinglist KDEPIM 2, especially KMail 2, can still make a lot of trouble.

> KDEPIM 4.7
> =======
> While developing the 4.7 packages our fellow developer Eshat Cakar
> experienced some important problems with kmail. On the other hand,
> kdepim 4.4.x wasn't tested against 4.7 by upstream KDE developers
> (unlike what happened with the 4.6.x releases). Therefore, this may
> raise some new bugs.[1]
> In hope that we are choosing the lesser of two evils, we are skipping
> kdepim 4.7 for now.
> Last but not least, note that kdepim developers work on one of the most
> "dangerous" module (this module can chew users' data if there are
> important bugs) so be patient with them, they deserve our respect.

Yes of course. I read in KDE commit digests about lots of bug fixes in 
KDEPIM since 4.7.0 release.

I read that one nasty data loss bug while moving mails from one folder to 
another has been fixed meanwhile. According to Andras Mantia who does a 
immense job informing users about current pitfalls and fixing bugs, it has 
been fixed in 4.7.2 and recent Akonadi server:

"Still there were reports of data losing, why? Unfortunately programmers 
are not perfect and introduce bugs in the codebase. One of the most severe 
bugs caused real data losing when copying mails from one folder to 
another. This is fixed with KDE 4.7.2+ and any recent Akonadi server. There 
are other bugs around, but none will cause losing your original data 

Akonadi misconception #1: where is my data?

IMHO this blog is good to read for anyone who wants to use KDEPIM 2 in the 

Its interesting to note that he thinks that none of the other bugs will 
cause losing original data. But there are still nasty performance and 
other behavorial problems and it seems the default MySQL database setup is 
not safe against crashes or suspend/resume issues. There is a KDE bug open 
for that which suggests changing the InnoDB configuration for MySQL. I can 
dig it up again when needed.

> [1] These bugs probably won't be fixed by us, since we hope to provide
> any kdepim 4.7.x which works better than 4.7.2.

Yep, sure.

I agree to your reasoning with KDEPIM 2.

So, I will wait till tomorrow or so, before trying to upgrade ;).

Thanks again,
Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald - http://www.Lichtvoll.de
GPG: 03B0 0D6C 0040 0710 4AFA  B82F 991B EAAC A599 84C7

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