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KDE SC 4.7 available in qt-kde.debian.net


KDE Software Compilation 4.7.2 (except kdepim) has been uploaded to

The secondary mirror qt-kde2.debian.net is temporarily unavailable.

Follow instructions on the homepage if you are considering to upgrade or 
install these packages.

Please do *NOT* report bugs in the BTS against these semi-official packages. Use 
this mailing list or IRC support channel (#debian-kde@irc.debian.org) instead.


In the past, we provided both amd64 and i386 packages in our semi-official 
repository. This time, we are providing only for amd64 because the developer 
who was in charge of building for i386 is busy right now. We may or may not 
provide i386 packages in the future.

Why 4.7.2?

We started to work on KDE SC 4.7.x packages a long time ago. While we were 
working on 4.7.2, KDE SC 4.7.3 was released. With the 4.7.x releases some 
tarballs released by the KDE developers were split and others were renamed. 
This produced some extra work for us, including changing some package 
relationships and adding dummy packages to make the upgrades work.
So when 4.7.3 was released we had to choose between spending our time in 
updating the packages or spending our time in polishing the current package 
relationships and such. We choose the latter and (hopefully) this will lead to 
an easy and straightforward upgrade. Also this will make it easier for us to 
update the packages in the future.


While developing the 4.7 packages our fellow developer Eshat Cakar experienced 
some important problems with kmail. On the other hand, kdepim 4.4.x wasn't 
tested against 4.7 by upstream KDE developers (unlike what happened with the 
4.6.x releases). Therefore, this may raise some new bugs.[1] 

In hope that we are choosing the lesser of two evils, we are skipping kdepim 
4.7 for now.

Last but not least, note that kdepim developers work on one of the most 
"dangerous" module (this module can chew users' data if there are important 
bugs) so be patient with them, they deserve our respect.

[1] These bugs probably won't be fixed by us, since we hope to provide any 
kdepim 4.7.x which works better than 4.7.2.

Packages renamed

Some packages were renamed with this release, you can check them here:

Also, there are some packages which are dummy packages now and which can be 
safely removed, you can remove these (in case they aren't already removed by 
your package manager in the upgrade):
* kdebase-runtime-dbg
* kdebase-apps 
* kdebase-workspace
* kdebase-wokspace-bin
* kdebase-workspace-dev
* kdebase-workspace-dbg
* kdebase-bin
* kdebase-dbg

If removing one of the above mentioned packages makes you remove other 
different packages, probably it's a bug, so please let us know if that happens.

However, probably you would not be able to remove (yet) these dummy packages:
* kdebase-runtime[1]
* kdegraphics-libs-data[2]

[1]because a lot of packages still depend on it. This minor problem will be 
there for a long time until we have no packages depending on kdebase-runtime.

[2]because of koffice.


rekonq 0.8.0 has been uploaded to qt-kde.debian.net as well.

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