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KAddressBook and KMail - how get them to work together?

I am trying to get KAddressBook and KMail working together, but in spite of 
lack of documentation there are problems I can not overcome. Any help is 

First thing are contact groups. In KAddressBook I can create new contact group 
(Ctrl+Shift+G), but drop-down list at top (labeled "Add to:") is empty. When I 
click "OK", new window pops up, titled "Select Adress Book". Unfortunately, it 
is empty, so I can not select any Address Book.

I have three Address Books in KAddressBook. One is named "Default Address 
Book" and I have no idea where it does keep it's data. Second is VCard dir and 
third is VCard file. If there is something wrong in that setup, I can switch 
these to something other (there are maybe 30 contacts at all).

I have managed to create Contact Group by composing mail in KMail, adding some 
contacts and selecting "Save List". I have saved it in one of my Address 

Yet I want to add some more contacts to that list. In KAddressBook I select 
that list and choose "Edit Group". New window pops up. On bottom of list there 
is empty contact, so I choose it and input name of contact. It autocompletes 
it with contacts from my address books, so it is fine. It automatically assigns 
e-mail address as well. But contacts that were in that group from the 
beginning has colorful icon and I can manually change their e-mail addresses. 
Contacts added later has dim icons and their e-mail address has to be selected 
from drop-down list. I am attaching screenshot showing that.

It wouldn't be an issue, if KMail could retrieve contacts added later. Now 
when I compose new e-mail, I choose "Select..." in KMail, select 
"Distribution Lists" and choose my group. There are 13 addresses total, but 
three (that were added later, that has dim icon) are empty. There is no name 
or e-mail. Rest (that were from the beginning, that has colorful icon) is 

That issue makes contacts groups quite unusable. Maybe someone could please 
explain me, how am I supposed to set it up correctly? I can do it manually if 
I have to, but I have no idea which file should I modify.

Now the second issue. As I said, I have three address books in KAddressBook. 
But in KMail in "Select..." window I have drop-down list labeled "Address 
book" which shows only "Akonadi address book" with all contacts from all three 
address books in one list. This makes creating different address books useless, 
since they are in Kmail all merged into one big book. I would expect it to 
display only contacts from one of these address books (which should be 
selectable from drop-down list).

In System Settings -> Personal information I have "Akonadi address book" with 
type of Akonadi. It is the only source of my contacts. When I select it and 
click "Edit", I can see my three address books.

I hope that I have provided all information necessary. If you need anything 
more, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards
Mirosław Zalewski

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