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Re: About pagers in kde

Mirosław Zalewski <miniopl@poczta.onet.pl> writes:

> By the way, I prefer Desktop Grid KWin's Desktop Effect. It provides fast way 
> to see all workspaces and windows. You can focus any window, drag them between 
> workspaces, drag entire workspaces and add/delete workspaces on the fly. I have 
> switched keyboard bidding to Ctrl+Shift+D, which I find pretty convenient. To 
> be honest, this is one of few reasons I have switched from Fluxbox to KDE :) . 
> You should definitely give it a try.

You must not be talking about the grid setting at right click/desktop
settings - right?

Turning that on, doesn't seem to do much of nothing but allow a shaded
area with + - on it on any border when you hover the mouse there.

I can't see any workspaces but the one I'm in.

Are you talking about some other package?

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