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Re: about authentication in kde system setup tool

On 10/10/2011 07:31 PM, Harry Putnam wrote:
Then a dropdown list that says `select user' when I drop the list
down none of them are my user, nor root.

How is that supposed to work?
Which are the users listed there? Check their group membership, and then try adding yourself to it.
Example, supposing "nobody" is the user that shouldn't be there, and "user" your user:
$ id nobody
$ id user
Please post the results in here.
Also, post the list with the users involved in the process.

I wonder how comes root isn't listed? I might think the drop-down selection shows an inverse selection of users (e.g. those who shouldn't be listed at all, and the good ones are not shown), and in this case you should file a bug accordingly.

I will be back in a couple of hrs, so if you figure it put by then, please be kind and post the result / solution.
The force be with you!

Victor Nițu

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