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Re: How to rescue a screwed up install of KDE on wheezy

On 10/10/11 14:06, Harry Putnam wrote:
> Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:
>> I'll be more informed when you get a chance to send the correct
>> information (my mistake) below. But it appears that all you need to do
>> is reconfigure kdm so that it loads before your (user) login, and remove
>> .xinitrc from your (user) profile.
> scott, I haven't see the material you asked for turn up here yet.

Not sure what you mean by "here" - I'm assuming you mean gmane? (I don't
use it - I have email).
Have a look and see what posts have been recieved:-

> Is it likely the massive output of dpkg --get-selections would get the
> post barred from the list?

No. :-D


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