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Re: How to rescue a screwed up install of KDE on wheezy

Victor Nitu <victor@debian-linux.ro> writes:

> On 10/10/2011 05:15 AM, Harry Putnam wrote:
>>> And attach the output to your reply to this post ie.:-
>>> selections.txt
>>> sources.list
>>> sessions.txt
>>> default_dm.txt
>>> default-display-manager
> At a first glance I wonder why would you need both gdm3 *and* kdm
> installed. If I were you, I would "apt-get remove gdm3" if planning to
> use exclusively kde.
> Did you "dpkg-reconfigure kdm" ?
> I have to read the other outputs as well, what's your progress by now?
> Anything changed?

So far gdm3, is the only one that has worked. 

Yes, I've done the dpkg-reconfigure kdm

It appears not to have changed anything.  On reboot I got a gnome
login.  However if I login to it, I get dropped into an X-session with
a gnome-terminal running, but it is slammed up into the top right
corner... the title bar is just enough up that it cannot be accessed
and therefore not moved.

There are no icons or panels, just a black backdrop.

I can start other apps from the terminal that is running, but then
they are slammed up into the top right and their title bar is
inaccessible.   So the new one covers the terminal and etc.

I'm pretty sure all that weirdness is because gdm3 is not running.
Why kde will not start is beginning to be a bit of a puzzle.

I could not even start it by going to a virtual terminal, checking to
make sure kdm is running, and then typing startkde.

It gives back something about $DISPLAY not being set, so since
startkde takes no cmdline args I did DISPLAY=0;export DISPLAY but
still get the same output.

I only wanted KDE, because of something Scott F told me about being
able to zoom into the desktop and end up with a panning desktop.

I don't even like kde otherwise.

Its starting to look like an awful lot of work.

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