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Hiccups when switching focus between windows.


Whenever i change focus between windows the kde desktop seems to be 
unresponsive for a short, but very noticeable moment. I'd appreciate some help 
in diagnosing the issue more precisely, because currently I'm not sure which 
application is causing this phenomenon.

My observations:
- The hiccups only happen when switching focus, once the new window 
is in focus, they are gone.
- It doesn't matter what application the window belongs to.
- Switching desktop effects on or off does not have any effect.
- I tried starting with my .kde directory renamed, again no difference.
- When I switch to the xfce desktop and use the kde (or other) applications, 
this effect does not seem to be there. 
-When I run htop in a terminal I see a momentary spike up to 50% in processor 
activity during the focus switch. The spikes seem to be related to the X 
server, kwin or the application getting focus, they all momentarily show up on 
top of the process list. 
-If I do the same focus switch in xfce, no noticeable CPU spikes appear.

My system is up to date sid on an Intel i7/12Gb + NVIDIA propriety drivers 
with dual monitor (twinview).

How can I figure out which application is really causing this? Most likely 
candidates seem to be either X or kwin but I would like to know for sure.

Gerrit Jan.

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