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Re: akonadi


On Saturday 27 August 2011 10:44:22 Adrien wrote:
> Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> > Are people here using akonadi or any of the tools using the akonadi
> > framework, in their regular workflow?
> > (Email, PIM)

Well, my calendar and addressbook are managed via akonadi, if it counts. 
Workflow-wise this doesn't really make any difference to the old way(tm).

It would be nice though, if I could sync my local calendar to my gmail 
calendar via akonadi, but either it's not possible or I'm too dumb to figure 
this out on my own...
> > Also, the same with Nepomuk. Are people using it or is it just sitting
> > disabled in everyone's config?

Some while ago I decided to activate Nepomuk. It's activated ever since (but 
without strigi), but I'm not really doing anything with it.

> I am using it for searching documents and photos (managed by digikam) with
> krunner. But it is often buggy unfortunately :-(

I'm using kphotoalbum, which isn't searchable via nepomuk :-(
Accessing/searching my photo database via nepomuk would indeed a useful and 
cool feature. Unfortunately I don't think that will be possible any time soon 
(not to speak of a common ontology between digikam and kpa).

> Now I am waiting for searching my emails too in krunner :-)

...which would also be a nice feature...

All in all, I'm not yet ready to abandon all hope in akonadi and nepomuk. 
Maybe KDE4 is akin to KDE2 or Windows Vista in that respect -- it's not really 
loved by that many people, but it introduces the core technologies that enable 
the success of the next version.

That said, I'd like to thank the debian kde team for providing a good overall 
kde experience in a time of radical changes and for not quitting when faced 
with frustrated or even angry users. Thank you!


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