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Re: On-screen display popup during DVD viewing

Perhaps is power management lowering your monitor brightness when no activity noted.

On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> wrote:
On 18/06/11 03:16, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> When I'm watching DVDs with vlc, at regular intervals an OSD popup
> appears. It looks similar to the volume popup, but has another icon that
> looks like a monitor. The same popup sometimes appears before the
> screensaver is activated and after it is deactivated.
> In the case of vlc, the popup might be triggered by a periodic event
> fired to prevent the screensaver from activating while a video is being
> shown.
> At any rate, I'd like to get rid of the popup. Does anyone know how to?
> Michael
Check your hotkey settings for VLC. "Display OSD menu on top of video
output" is Alt+Shift+m, unset as default, "Do not display OSD menu on
video output" is Ctrl+Alt+m, unset as default. You may have
inadvertently set and trigger those.
Under "Videos/Subtitles/OSD" try unticking "On Screen Display" and check
that "Overlays"/"On Screen Display Menu" is not ticked.


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