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Re: [RFP] Kmid2 (again)


On šeštadienis 11 Birželis 2011 15:41:02 Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas wrote:
> Hi Valerio,
> You said:
> > I fear that either the qt-kde debian team will refuse my kmid package
> > anyway or that I might encounter problems with upstream author.
> Sorry for the cross-posting.

You should really be sorry.

> I am the upstream author, and somehow I've
> found your message in the mailing list archives. I'm answering your
> message because you deserve to know the facts, and mitigate your fear. I
> also have the right to defend my reputation, and fight against any
> misinformation, propaganda or innuendo against me coming from the IRC
> channels and mailing lists. I can't talk about that theory of a mafia
> actively blocking Kmid, but I positively assure you that I am not a
> monster.

I have no idea who you are but what such kind of mails are doing in public 
user support mailing list (debian-kde@lists.debian.org)? This is a personal 
attack in my book. What's more, you put words in other people's mouth.

> Here are the facts. More than one year ago, in May/2010, Leandro (along
> with his sponsor Ana Guerrero) was trying to package my Drumstick
> libraries for Debian, because this package is required by Kmid2 (and by my
> other programs: Kmidimon and Kmetronome, already in Debian). They found
> that Drumstick included a dozen utility programs without the corresponding
> man pages, which are required by Debian standards, so they asked me to
> write the man pages. I've done so, committed the man pages to the SVN
> repository and sent him a patch containing the requested man pages and
> build system changes. Instead of applying this patch to his package, he
> answered me that the Drumstick and Kmid2 Debian packages were postponed
> until a future release of Drumstick that included the man pages, giving me
> the argument that he works in Debian as a volunteer, without time to waste
> processing patches. I was shocked by this argument because I'm also a
> volunteer. I'm not paid for writing Kmid2 or any of my other Linux
> programs. My relationship with them was seriously compromised, and any
> future collaboration between down and upstream was doubtful, with these
> precedents.

I have read this paragraph and I don't understand what's the deal here. So 
what, debian maintainer decided to wait until release. That's what Debian 
maintainers do, i.e. they decide what's better Debian (or them at the 
particular time), that's their right and duty. Sometimes users do not like (or 
understand it), sometimes upstream does not like it, sometimes even 
maintainers themselves don't like it (read during slow freezes).

> I want to say that I'm in very good relationship with other Debian
> developers: Adrian, Free, Alessio, Arnout and Mehdi. I thank you for your
> work with my programs, especially for the contributions that you made and
> sent upstream.

Then work with them on kmid2 packaging rather than rant on user support 
mailing list.

> Debian is now the only major distribution not including Kmid2. For your
> convenience, in Ubuntu you can find Kmid2 in these PPA's:
> https://launchpad.net/~ferramroberto/+archive/testing/+build/1920542
> https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/ppa/+packages?field.name_fil
> ter=kmid2

FYI, PPA is not official ubuntu, nothing near it.

Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org>

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