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Re: the plasma desktop is freeze in 50 secons and 30 or 60 secons later again, again.

29/03/2011 19:53, BasaBuru wrote:
> Hello:
> I have a big problem whith the plasma desktop, it is freeze time at time (at 
> 50 secons and 1 minute frozen) and is unusable.
> I'm try whith several nvidia drivers stable and beta. And nothing, the problem 
> is same.
> I have a GTS 250 in weezy whith ,, 2.6.38 kernels
> BasaBuru

Hello, I also have one machine with a gfx card Geforce GTS 250 and
NVidia driver from Debian version 260.19.44-1, I use a 2.6.38 kernel,
and no problem here.
Maybe the problem is not related to the graphics, but maybe disk i/o. Is
something hammering your disk (maybe use iotop to gather data), a
nepomuk/strigi wild process ?

Also do you notice errors or warnings in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, kern.log,
syslog ?

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