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Re: Taskbar and Plasmanoids blocks sometimes for long time

James Tappin schrieb:
RM>  on kstart of plasma-desktop, there are some errors.
RM>  may be, this is the reason?

Bit of a shot in the dark:
I recall seeing behaviour like that when I had the SOHO latest images
plasmoid running, and the network interface came up but there was no
internet connection. Do you have any network issues and any plasmoids
that need internet connectivity (e.g. weather applets)? If so try
removing them and see if it helps.

yepp, i added a weather applet and an applet for showing current
WAN ip-adress. I'll check it by triing to remove. I found these
applets usefull for my purposes and they seems to work, so IP is
correctly shown and weather-info also correct. But I mind about,
when using an analog clock plasmoid, sometimes it gets graphical
errors after restart, when opening clocksettings, and then just
close by pressing ok, it will display normally again.

I used gnome before and like KDE out of that extended graphical
effects, in that case it's all a new experience for me where
I first have to learn the handling of that window manager
when problems have to be solved.


Ralf Moeller

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