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lenny to squeeze: kontact/akonadi constantly "migrating datas"

On a fresh squeeze 6.01 install, after migrating my 5 users from Lenny 
kde-3, I have some problem with akonadi/kontact:

- Akonadi creates new resources at each launch of kontact. 
- Kontact is launched immediatly after login (I thought this was an older 
problem in kde4?)
- Index of Kmail folders is recreated randomly when one access folders
- not to mention a few problems with adressbooks resources and distribution 
lists missing - but it is not difficult to solve.

I've used the excellent kaboom to migrate datas (question: how to change 
default kde-3 folder?). 
In lenny we were using kontact enterprise (from kolab consortium).

Any idea about how to solve this?


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