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Re: Taskbar and Plasmanoids blocks sometimes for long time

Hi, Ralf,

Just a hint, which may be related. Se below.

> my kde 4.5.1 blocks the taskbar and the plasmanoids on desk,
> sometimes (mostly) and waits several seconds (>15) until
> it going on, while normal windows and taskswitches or
> desktop-switch working normal anymore. but that blocks
> anything on desktop work.

> other users of that version told me, they do not have that prob.

> what could be the reason ?

Do you possibly have NFS file systems (FS:s) mounted on that computer? I did 
previously have problems like the ones you describe, and I traced the reason 
to be with file accesses to a NFS FS where the server went down, making all 
processes trying to access files on that FS hang a long time.

Even if oyu don't use NFS, can it be related to file access somehow?

> btw: no high-cpu-usage programs in background.

In my case, also no CPU usage would be registered, as the Plasma 
(taskbar/desktop) application hang on file access.

/Sebastian Gröhn

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