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howto add custom sizes to the X resize and rotate plasma applet?

I would like to add additional entries to the default choices in the

I'm running Squeeze kde-plasma-netbook on ASUS PC Eee 701SD netbooks.

They auto-detect as 800x480, which is too limited for some applications.
xrandr --output LVDS --panning 1024x768 (or 800x600) work fine - and I'd
like to be able to add those two choices to the existing ones, for the
screen size choices in the applet menu.

I've found a number of scripts to change the screen size - but it seems
redundant to have such a lovely applet *and* separate scripting.

I'll happily settle for a pointer to the best place to make the changes
(hack) - it's not a feature request.  [relax Mr. Boico] :-)

Many thanks to the KDE4 developers - I *was* in no hurry to move my main
machines to Squeeze... until I tried the plasma-netbook desktop! Very
fast, very functional, and such an improvement over my beloved 3.x


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