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Re: Mouse disapeared after update of KDE to squeeze 6.0.1

* mouse is not visible in login-manager (kdm, I have installed and tried gdm). I also tried xfce, but the mouse was not visible there, too.
* update-alternatives didn't change anything

I have plugged in a USB mouse. But the pointer didn't got visible.

Am 19.03.2011 23:37, schrieb Modestas Vainius:

On šeštadienis 19 Kovas 2011 23:10:54 Estelmann, Christian wrote:

i just updated to squeeze 6.0.1 (from 6.0.0) and now my mouse pointer
disappeared. As written in subject, i am using KDE.

I tried to change the style of the pointer, but that didn't help.
While loading a program (for example Icedove) the "jumping" icon is
showed and can be moved by using the mouse-pad. Moving the pointer and
klicking is possible - but it is hard to know where you are without
seeing the pointer :)

Does anybody has an idea how I can get my mouse back? Thanks.
* Is mouse visible in kdm (login manager)? Other desktop environment?
* Try # update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme

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