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Re: Konsole window size and new window placement

On Miércoles 09 Marzo 2011 22:20:20 Andrej Kacian escribió:
> Hello all,
> is there a way to have new Konsole windows always spawn in certain
> (default) size? I've been hunting around in various settings and window
> behavior dialogs, but I can't seem to find it.
> I even tried forcing a particular size in "Advanced/Special Window
> Settings..." window context menu, but it is not always honored - new
> Konsole often (sometimes not, so far it doesn't seem too deterministic to
> me) starts with size of last-resized existing Konsole window, even after
> such window is closed.
> Also, I would like to know if kwin can be set to place new windows in
> "tiled" fashion. There are few choices in kwin config including
> "cascading" and "smart", but neither seems to be what I want.
> I'm using KDE 4.4.5 from Squeeze on amd64 arch.
You move the konsole icon to pannel (i'm use terminator, but i think is same)

In icon settings->aplication use the --geometry X11 comand

for view the options see man X 

I have in the comand -> terminator --geometry 1400x800+300+200



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