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Konsole window size and new window placement

Hello all,

is there a way to have new Konsole windows always spawn in certain (default)
size? I've been hunting around in various settings and window behavior
dialogs, but I can't seem to find it.
I even tried forcing a particular size in "Advanced/Special Window
Settings..." window context menu, but it is not always honored - new Konsole
often (sometimes not, so far it doesn't seem too deterministic to me) starts
with size of last-resized existing Konsole window, even after such window is

Also, I would like to know if kwin can be set to place new windows in "tiled"
fashion. There are few choices in kwin config including "cascading" and
"smart", but neither seems to be what I want.

I'm using KDE 4.4.5 from Squeeze on amd64 arch.

Thanks in advance,
Andrej Kacian

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