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Stable packages


BTW I think - I use these regularily - that:

- basket 1.81-1
- kmymoney 4.5-2

are more stable than their counterparts in Squeeze!

And given that amarok 1.4.0-1 has entered stable, I do not quite 
understand why these stay in experimental.

Heck even digikam 1.7.0-1 was really stable for me. I did not yet deeply 
test 1.8.0-1 yet. But I understand there might be dependencies that 
prevent entering stable. Maybe even for kmymoney 4.5 there might be these, 
given that a newer version of aqbanking is used.

However basket 1.81-1 can be installed on Squeeze without pulling packages 
from unstable, experimental or qt-kde.debian.net. And 1.80-1 had bugs 
preventing it to be used on a regular basis IMHO.

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