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RFP kmid2

Dear DDevelopers,

I know you are busy with Squeeze, so I beg your pardon in advance. Once 
you told that a good goal for the Debian-KDE team would be replacing any 
KDE application relying on KDE3 with its equivalent for KDE4. Kmid is 
still the old one while there is a new version, completely rewritten 
that has reached 2.4 version for KDE4 (seems mature enough, I tried a 
0.4 ubuntu package that worked nicely).
The original RFP lies in bug #578750 since the past May 2010, but given 
that the original packager has left Kmid probably for personal reasons, 
none is taking care of packaging Kmid anymore. I know that it's not 
feasable to package it now for Squeeze, I'm here just to remind you this 
information. I hope that someone will take care of it in the near 
future. Thank you


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