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Re: keyboard problems after 4.5.1


On Sunday 12 September 2010 15:09:38 George Kiagiadakis wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Andreas Bourges <andy-lists@bourges.de> 
> > 
> > bash# setxkbmap -keycodes 'evdev'
> > 
> > solves the problem and the keyboard works as expected. So I only need to
> > know where the wrong setting is coming from? Any further Ideas welcome
> > and thanks for all the hints!
> That's exactly what I'm talking about. That's what kde does when you
> select "evdev-driven keyboard". But of course you also need to enable
> kde's handling of keyboard layouts to apply this setting.

hmm - I've selected the evdev-driven keyboard in KDE - but I can't see any 
additional "enable" option anywhere?



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