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Re: KDE SC 4.5.1 packages available

Am Samstag 11. September 2010, 11:07:45 schrieb George Kiagiadakis:

> What exactly is missing? The systemsettings layout has changed in 4.5,
> maybe it confuses you, but other than that, all modules are still
> there. Note that some of them may be in the lost+found section
> (because they come from 4.4 packages and are not aware of this layout)
> which is not in the visible area by default, you need to scroll down a
> bit.

It's strange, there were virtually all modules missing except "Application 
Appearance", "Window Behavior", "Network Settings", "Input Devices" and "Date 
and Time". First I thought there's something wrong with my configuration files 
in ~/.kde. But even after moving them and starting with an empty ~/.kde the 
modules were still missing.

So I purged all kde apps 
> aptitude purge ~nkde
and reinstalled kde
> aptitude install -t experimental-snapshots kde-standard

Now all the missing systemsetting modules are back. It's still strange because 
for the reinstalling it didn't download any new files at all, there were all 
from my local cache. I guess there was something wrong with the global 
configuration files I removed by purging all kde packages. 

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