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Re: keyboard problems after 4.5.1

On Saturday 11 September 2010, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Am Samstag 11 September 2010 schrieb Andreas Bourges:
> > Hi,
> Hi!
> > ...this is definitly not xorg-related. Keyboards works well in kdm
> > during login or when starting another window-manager (twm).
> > 
> > It must be something down in the kde config - but 'till now I'm unable
> > to locate the cause :(
> > 
> > Still looking for a solution, any hints welcome :(
> I now had this also while typing a mail in KMail. Keyboard just didn't
> work at all anymore. I switched to a tty and then back and then it worked
> again.
> I am sure I had those issues with KDE 4.4 already. I never bothered to do
> anything about it, cause it was so unspecified. Thought could be 
> and I was after finding the cause for some other problem in the last 
> random Radeon KMS related hard freezes for which now thankfully is at
> least a work-around available.
> Ciao,
I had the same problem with 4.4 (from sid).  The cure was to delete the
.kde directory (or rather rename it and then try restoring the bits like 

With me it was so bad that I could not even switch sessions back to the

The mouse worked, but from within KDE the keyboard was entirely
useless.  On KDM it worked, and at that stage I could switch to the 
console and the keyboard was fine there.

If anyone can tell me which .kde files might be relevant, I have the ones
that failed and can send them to whoever might be able to make sense
of them.


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