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Re: KDE SC 4.5.0

Am Donnerstag 12 August 2010 schrieb Sam Leon:
> On 08/11/2010 10:24 PM, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > On Wednesday 11 August 2010 20:49:15 Odair Augusto Trujillo Orozco 
> >> Hi, last days the release team has decide frozen squeeze, but
> >> kde sc 4.5.0 was released today and is a great release that is
> >> important to include on Squeeze thinking on newest versions of
> >> packages on Debian Stable like it is posible.
> > 
> > Why is KDE 4.5 more important than any other piece of software
> > released after the freeze?
> > 
> > The freeze has to happen at some point or the release never occurs. 
> > The *point* of the freeze to to stop introducing new upstream
> > versions so that all efforts can go toward resolving bugs, in order
> > of decreasing severity.
> > 
> > So, unless you have something to convince the release team to allow
> > KDE 4.5 in AND are volunteering the extra effort required to package
> > KDE SC 4.5 and resolve bugs without delaying the release, I think
> > the team should focus on making KDE SC 4.4 (and the rest of the
> > software they maintain) of the highest quality possible before
> > release day.
> > 
> > My opinion only.  I'm not on the team, nor do I speak for it.
> Well 4.5 does have 16,000 bug fixes....
> http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/kde-45-released-1723-new-features-16
> 022-bug-fixes/9276
> And it took 6 months to get here, a shame to miss by only 1 week....

The focus on bug fixing is what would me like to see it in Squeeze too and 
the chance to have Akonadi 1.4 but this newer Akonadi might even work with 
KDE 4.4. And well it does not have Akonadi based KMail which likely 
introduces a plethora of new bugs. But then for me KDE 4.4.5 is quite good 
either and it also received 5 months of bug fixing. And the packages have 

An approach would be to put 4.5 packages into experimental and ask for 
public testing here. If KDE 4.5.0 proves to be of required high quality 
for a Debian release then why not use it for Squeeze. But then the KDE/Qt 
developers would have to maintain KDE 4.4.5 packages as well as KDE 4.5 
packages until it is clear that KDE 4.5 packages can be used for the 
release. And it could turn out that this would be 2-3 months until KDE 
4.5.2 or so.

I can understand when they are not willing to do that. And I can hear them 
thinking "I knew that users would request KDE 4.5." ;-).

At least there should be a clear date on when the decision is made and it 
should not be that long away so that the Debian developers do not have to 
take the burden of maintaining two KDE releases for too long. Maybe say, 
either 4.5.1 is okay, or leave it as 4.4.5?

Well, only some thoughts. I accept whatever decision the developers who do 
the work to bring KDE to Debian choose.

If KDE 4.5 has 16000 bug fixes, then I wonder why 4.4 worked anyway... how 
has that number been compiled? Hmmm, in the interview linked from above 
ZDNet Sebastian Kügler says:

About how many changes were made between 4.4 and 4.5? 

Our bug statistics give me the following numbers for the past release 
cycle. 16022 bugs were fixed and 1723 feature requests were filled. The 
fasted bug fix was 46 seconds after reporting and the second fastest was 56 

There was an emphasis on stability for this release, what are some of the 
areas that needed the most improvement?

There wasn't really a sore thumb sticking out, we were just not really 
happy with overall performance. Some features also felt incomplete, so we 
decided that in this cycle, we'd concentrate on finishing off what was there 
in 4.4. 

For me personally, that meant putting many hours into the Plasma network 
management widget, which we've managed to release in a first stable version 
along with 4.5.0.


It doesn't explain exactly how the bug stastics has been done - but it 
seems to me Sebastian is indeed referring to bugzilla statistics , I have 
seen a lot of activity in there, also fixing of long standing bugs but 
already at least parly for KDE 4.4.5. Missing from the picture is the 
number of how many bugs have been introduced! But I have to admit I really 
like that emphasis on finishing off stuff that were only halfly done. I 
haven't tested KDE 4.5 yet, but it may be quite good with that focus on 
stabilizing and finishing!

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