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Re: KDE SC 4.5.0

On Wednesday 11 August 2010 20:49:15 Odair Augusto Trujillo Orozco wrote:
> Hi, last days the release team has decide frozen squeeze, but
> kde sc 4.5.0 was released today and is a great release that is
> important to include on Squeeze thinking on newest versions of
> packages on Debian Stable like it is posible.

Why is KDE 4.5 more important than any other piece of software released after 
the freeze?

The freeze has to happen at some point or the release never occurs.  The 
*point* of the freeze to to stop introducing new upstream versions so that all 
efforts can go toward resolving bugs, in order of decreasing severity.

So, unless you have something to convince the release team to allow KDE 4.5 in 
AND are volunteering the extra effort required to package KDE SC 4.5 and 
resolve bugs without delaying the release, I think the team should focus on 
making KDE SC 4.4 (and the rest of the software they maintain) of the highest 
quality possible before release day.

My opinion only.  I'm not on the team, nor do I speak for it.
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