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Issues upgrading from Lenny to Squeeze


just a few comments after upgrading to testing (Squeeze). I have upgraded 
three boxes and I have had similar little problems (or I have done some 
mistakes probably)

- after the upgrade, the icons of the panel lock/exit doesn't appear. Well, it 
appears another icon than the typical from a new installation. Is this a bug? 
some of you have noticed about it?

- I would like to disable the update notifications (from packages). How can I 
do it? it's a default behaviour and in my case it's not useful.

- After the upgrade, the launch application (kickoff) doesn't have their 
classical icon (kde logo). It has another with an arrow to the left. Is this 

Best regards and good job for the packaging and upgrading. Except for this 
little issues the migration seems to work well.


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