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Re: broken kde notifications


On pirmadienis 07 Birželis 2010 09:52:33 Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> > As Kevin said, you should better find out how notification-daemon ended
> > up being started before plasma-desktop behind your back. That would be
> > interesting.
> I guess this might be the cause.
> 12:17:14 rrs@champaran:/tmp/kde-rrs/notification-daemon/usr/share $ cat
> dbus-1/services/org.freedesktop.Notifications.service
> [D-BUS Service]
> Name=org.freedesktop.Notifications
> Exec=/usr/lib/notification-daemon/notification-daemon

Oh yeah, so apparently, notification-daemon thinks it is the only one capable 
of providing this service. As far as I understand, *.service files serve the 
purpose of startup "on demand" and the same service can't be specified by 
multiple applications.

Unless I'm wrong, I would open a bug against notification-daemon if I were 

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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