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Re: broken kde notifications

Thanks Modestas,

On Monday 07 Jun 2010 03:59:34 Modestas Vainius wrote:
> There is nothing for us to fix. Maintainers are not responsible for the
> messed  up configuration of your system. In KDE 3 times, if you ran any
> GNOME app, gnome-setttings-daemon would take over your desktop (wallpaper,
> shortcuts etc.). So if this still happens to a lesser extent nowadays,
> that's a rough life but it is not really a job of KDE to fight GNOME at
> all costs. It is the job of GNOME to be friendly.

Looks like I haven't used GNOME in a very long time.

> If you want to complain to somebody, complain to the maintainers of the 
> offensive application which triggered this for you (maybe some
> self-centric  gnome (or whatever?) configuration tool?). Finally, KDE
> should not go against user wishes if (s)he wants to use
> notification-daemon for whatever reason.

It got pulled in through a Recommends of ogmrip (which is from debian-

12:17:19 rrs@champaran:/tmp/kde-rrs/notification-daemon/usr/share $ aptitude 
why notification-daemon
i   ogmrip     Depends    libnotify1 (>= 0.4.5)
i A libnotify1 Recommends notification-daemon  

> As Kevin said, you should better find out how notification-daemon ended up 
> being started before plasma-desktop behind your back. That would be 
> interesting.

I guess this might be the cause.

12:17:14 rrs@champaran:/tmp/kde-rrs/notification-daemon/usr/share $ cat 
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