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Re: JFYI Interesting read on the state of Akonadi for KDE SC 4.5

On Thursday 03 June 2010 19:21:23 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Actually I do not get anymore why I reported too further bug reports about 
> this issue.

To get the attention of the kde developers? ;)
tbh I'm a bit disappointed about the absence of _any_ reaction to the bugs filed at bugs.kde.org from 
each of the bugs that were (also) discussed on this list (apart from Valerio iirc).

> Well, I just hope it can be fixed before Squeeze. But I think I will
> follow  Testing anyway, so I won't have to wait, at least for my laptop.
> The workstation at work usually follows Debian Stable.

For me personally it probably doesn't matter, since I follow sid on my pc and testing on my server.
But I hope too that the version shipped with Squeeze will be a good one, since especially newcomers 
will start (and stay?) with Debian Stable.

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