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Re: What needs to improve in KDE 4?

Xavier Brochard wrote:
> cobaco wrote:
>> On Monday 10 May 2010, Valentin Pavlyuchenko wrote:
>>> Well, I have an issue that remained on my Debian system from KDE 4.3
>>> or even 4.2 (And I have it now in 4.4).
>>> It's a krunner freeze when typing (usually I got it when I mistype
>>> something). If I'm not alone, then it's definitely the bug that must be
>>> solved.
>> probably an issue with one of the krunner plugins, had a similar issue in
>> 4.3 till I disabled the one causing the problem (was a known bug in kde
>> bug tracking, but don't quite remember which one it was), try disabling
>> the plugins you don't need (in the alt+d2 dialog click the wrench and
>> disable the checkmarks before the ones you don't need)
> One should add this in the kde faq!

Is there an up-to-date KDE FAQ?

The one that comes packaged and shown in KInfoCenter is ancient. It doesn't 
mention Plasma anywhere, explains how to configure aRTs, says Qt doesn't 
support GIF for patent reasons...

Strangely, the introduction says the latest stable version is 4.2.1, which 
shows it did get updated some time in the past five years. Of course that's 
still out of date (I have KDE 4.4), but I thought it'd mention 3.5...


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