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Re: How to get kdict or aequivalent in KDE4 / Squeeze?

On Monday 17 May 2010 18:20:53 Dirk Salva wrote:
> a few days ago I've upgraded my Debian from Lenny to Squeeze. My
> problem: the beloved kdict with the small input-field in the kicker are
> not there anymore. I am missing it:-(

 Hi Dirk,

 If you find the plasmoid a bit cumbersome (I'm so used to typing
 alt-f2, kdict ... rather than showing desktop, mouse-clicking into
 something, then .. etc etc) I can advise that the 3.5.10 version
 of kdict works just fine in my unstable / experimental KDE.  It
 doesn't even have cause any complaints with apt, which is nice.

 Just download the kdict package for your platform from your local
 repository and install it with dpkg.


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