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Re: What needs to improve in KDE 4?


On Monday 10 May 2010 18.12:46 Dotan Cohen wrote:
> I started 4.4 on a new ~/.kde
> folder, can you try in a new user profile and report back?

I hate it when this shows up.  Yes, it's probably easier to debug, but often 
bugs *do* show up that don't happen anymore when I remove my ~/.kde 
directory, but this doesn't really help the user who has the bug.  
Unfortunately, the end result is very often that removing ~/.kde and 
starting from scratch becomes the only solution that is "officially" 

Fine.  Except that reconfiguring my desktop to how I want it takes ages.  I 
use offline IMAP and have 100s of MB of email in my ~/.kde that will need to 
be re-downloaded.  And stuff like the calendar etc. is in there, too.  And 
the nepomuk database etc.

So yes, KDE people may well want to know if a bug happens on old 
configurations only or if it happens on new configurations, but I think 
there's an attitude problem here: KDE needs to become MUCH better at dealing 
with unexpected input from its configuration.  (I don't have a precise 
example right now; I'll try to report this kind of issue when I see it next.  
Admittedly, KDE has improved in this area as well.)

-- vbi

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