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Re: Fwd: Re: Kde 3.5 ...

On Monday 10 May 2010 20:25:25 Marc Haber wrote:
> Hi,
> How many regressions did apache 2 have when apache 1.3's support was
> discontinued, and how many regressions does _current_ KDE 4 have over
> KDE 3.5?
From my point of view: None! (ok, to be honest, two or three very minor 
glitches, but they will come in one of the next releases, i'm sure)

I had way more issues in "good ol' KDE3 days", then now on 4.4.3 and i don't 
miss KDE3 in any way. It would be wasted manpower to keep KDE3 alive, as not 
even the devs nor maintainers want to spend any time "beating a dead horse".

> Greetings
> Marc


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