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Re: Processes Run at Nice 19!

On Sunday, 2010-05-09, David Baron wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 May 2010 20:00:56 David Baron wrote:
> > I still have not gotten to the root of this very annoying problem.
> > 
> > In the earliest KDE4 versions, stuff started up at the normal default
> > nice of 0 (priority 20). I had a renice script to get all those akonadi
> > daemons niced out of the way so kde4 would be usable.
> > 
> > One version (4.2.*) had stuff starting at 0, priority 40 (did not know
> > there was such an animal) but it played nicely.
> > 
> > After that, it seems, everything of kde4's menus, desktop icons, anything
> > it spawns is being niced to 19. This renders kde4 unusable. So my renicer
> > script sets plasma-desktop, kmail and several of the core utilities back
> > to 0 so I can use it. But this workaround is no answer.
> > 
> > I have no idea why this is going on. Any ideas?
> and actually, the KDE process start out properly at 0/20. A top running in
> a konsole or yakuake will show them being switched to 19/39 after a short
> time!! After this, anything spawned by KDE will have 19/39. Commands typed
> into the konsole will  be 0/20.
> What might do this? Which KDE process determines what .desktop clicks get
> niced? Might workaround by renicing that one to 0 immediately.

I am not aware of any KDE functionality that would renice stuff.
Maybe something external is renicing kdeinit4 which forks most other processes 
or klauncher.

> Also, this apparently does not effect other users.

Maybe some kind of script in that user's $PATH?
Or something from $HOME/.kde/env?


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