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Amarok's Issues

I would like to know if people here have the same problems with Amarok
(Squeeze's version of it), as I do. I haven't looked for bugs filled
about it yet, but these issues have been annoying for time enough to
put me wondering if I'am the only who has been facing them.

Basiclly, I have the following problems:

1) Oftenly, when I put an album for playing, the player skips the
second track, playing the third one. Actually, it has happened even
when I put a track that is not the first for playing. The next one on
the list is skiped by the player as well.

2) If I add new media directories to the collection, some artist
entries on the list (left side) get duplicated. I have to quit the
program and launch it again in order to have my collection showed

3) Pause just dont't work. Instead of it, the music is started over
again, from the beginning.

Do you have the same issues? Are those known bugs or should I report them?

Thank you.

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