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Re: Issue between KDE 4.x

I just created a new bug report in Kde for all this, Let's see what the plasma guys are saying

On Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 12:09 PM, Christophe Prud'homme <prudhomm@debian.org> wrote:
Dear Debian KDE Maintainers,

First, thank you for your job, I know that maintaining huge packages is very much time consuming and not easy.

* Kde experience

Before reporting a bug in KDE I would like  to have your opinion on how best it should be done.
I have been using Kde for many years now, basically from its creation until 4.3.x. I have also installed 
4.4.x.  Because I maintain and use paraview (a big package also) I add to get rid of 4.4 and go back to 4.3 (due to Qt dependency).

For the record, I have a Lenovo T61p  with an Nvidia Quadro FX 570M card with 8Go of RAM and Debian unstable
I have enabled some of the fancy effects

** suspend

With Kde 4.x I always had problems with suspend, either it just didn't work (laptop froze) or 
after 2 successfull suspends I had to shutdown/reboot the laptop
I always thought that it was due to bad Nvidia drivers(I am using the ones shipped by  Debian ). 

** Very slow desktop

With 4.3.x and 4.4.1 (and possibly earlier versions of Kde 4 I cannot remember ) I 
had also plasma or the desktop that would become incredibly slow to the  point of being unusable then sometimes
after a little while it would be back.

** Desktop/Plasma does not resize properly

I teach courses at the university and I use quite often  twinview of nvidia through nvidia-settings in order to show 
some slides or make demos. When I disable the video projector and get back to laptop screen only, the plasma desktop 
keeps the preview large screen dimension  and the plasma panels are far too large and don't show the almond, systray and parts 
of the taskbar. I usually "fix" that by adding some spacer (still no almond though). This is just painful.

*Gnome Experience

Basically it was becoming hard to use Kde on a daily basis and I decided to have a little experiment: install gnome 2.28 (I have some 
gnome 2.30 packages installed too). I have also installed compiz and enabled all kind of effects.

Now for two weeks, 
 - the desktop never became slow, it is very responsive and is quite fancy
 - suspend just works, it is a bliss.
 - no issues with desktop resizing
In my opinion, there is something wrong KDE/Plasma and its use of OpenGL. Before this experience, I blamed nvidia and was looking 
for changing my laptop and use ATI but now I definitely blame KDE/Plasma 

Any suggestions how to report this ? the resize problem is definitely a plasma bug but what about suspend and the slow desktop ? plasma too ?

any suggestions ? thoughts ?

Best regards

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