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Re: Squeeze and KDE4.4

Alle venerdì 02 aprile 2010, Modestas Vainius ha scritto:
>  Current release process dictates that Debian 
> (unlike ubuntu) will more likely delay the freeze/release/whatever
> (i.e.  release when ready)

The fact is that I personally love the idea to keep a kind of 
synchronization between Ubuntu and Debian, for mutual improvement. On 
the other side I was scared that a freeze now would disadvantage KDE in 
respect of GNOME.
From the message read on debian-devel regarding the next stable release, 
I have understood that Debian is seeking a compromise between completely 
missing the goal of staying near Ubuntu's release, and leaving some of 
the planned features outside. Wisely KDE4.4 is not among those dropped 
feautures, that's enough for me.

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