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Re: Nervous about aptitude's desire to smurf my system


On sekmadienis 07 Kovas 2010 15:41:08 jedd wrote:
> royksopp:~# aptitude  -t experimental install
> '~i(?source-package(qt4-x11)|?source-package(phonon)|?source-package(oxyge
> n-icons))'
> Reading package lists... Done
> Building dependency tree
> Reading state information... Done
> Reading extended state information... Done
> Initializing package states... Done
> The following NEW packages will be installed:
>   libqt4-multimedia{a}
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   abcde{u} acl{u} alien{u} autoconf{u} automake{u} autotools-dev{u}
> avidemux{u} ca-certificates-java{u} cd-discid{u} check{u} console-setup{u}
> console-terminus{u} cups-bsd{u} cups-client{u} cups-common{u}
> ghostscript-x{u} gksu{u} gnome-mount{u} graphviz{u} gstreamer0.10-alsa{u}
> irb{u} jsvc{u} kapptemplate{u} kate{u} kbugbuster{u} kcachegrind{u}
> kde-icons-nuvola{u} kdesdk-kio-plugins{u} kdesdk-misc{u}
> kdesdk-strigi-plugins{u} khelpcenter4{u} kmtrace{u} kpartloader{u}
> kuiviewer{u} lcov{u} lesstif2{u} libapache2-mod-fcgid{u} libass3{u}
> libaubio2{u} libbeagle1{u} libboost-filesystem1.38.0{u}
> libboost-program-options1.38.0{u} libboost-python1.38.0{u}
> libboost-serialization1.38.0{u} libboost-system1.38.0{u}
> libboost-thread1.38.0{u} libboost-thread1.39.0{u} libbreakpoint-ruby1.8{u}
> libbuilder-ruby{u} libbuilder-ruby1.8{u} libcamel1.2-14{u}
> libchamplain-0.4-0{u} libchamplain-gtk-0.4-0{u} libclutter-1.0-0{u}
> libclutter-gtk-0.10-0{u} libcmdparse2-ruby1.8{u}
> libcommons-collections-java{u} libcommons-daemon-java{u}
> libcommons-dbcp-java{u} libcommons-pool-java{u} libcompress-bzip2-perl{u}
> libdaemons-ruby1.8{u} libdbd-mysql-ruby{u} libdbd-mysql-ruby1.8{u}
> libdbi-ruby1.8{u} libdbus-qt-1-1c2{u} libdeprecated-ruby1.8{u}
> libdjvulibre-text{u} libdjvulibre21{u} libdmx1{u} libebook1.2-9{u}
> libecj-java{u} libedataserver1.2-11{u} libexiv2-5{u} libfaad0{u}
> libfcgi-ruby1.8{u} libfcgi0ldbl{u} libgcrypt11-dev{u} libgdict-1.0-6{u}
> libgksu2-0{u} libgnome-desktop-2-11{u} libgnomecanvasmm-2.6-1c2a{u}
> libgnutls-dev{u} libgpg-error-dev{u} libgps18{u} libgraphviz4{u}
> libgtkhtml3.14-19{u} libjs-prototype{u} libjs-scriptaculous{u} libk3b3{u}
> libk3b3-extracodecs{u} libkpathsea4{u} liblog4r-ruby1.8{u} libltdl-dev{u}
> liblzma0{u} libmalaga7{u} libmmap-ruby1.8{u} libmocha-ruby{u}
> libmocha-ruby1.8{u} libmpcdec3{u} libmsn0.1{u} libmysql-ruby1.8{u}
> libnautilus-extension1{u} libncurses-ruby1.8{u} libntfs-3g54{u}
> libpcre++0{u} libpoppler4{u} libpopt-dev{u} librasqal1{u}
> libredcloth-ruby{u} libredcloth-ruby1.8{u} librlog1c2a{u}
> libruby1.8-extras{u} libservlet2.5-java{u} libsplashy1{u}
> libsqlite3-ruby{u} libsqlite3-ruby1.8{u} libsub-uplevel-perl{u}
> libtalloc1{u} libtasn1-3-dev{u} libtest-exception-perl{u} libtirpc1{u}
> libtool{u} libvamp-hostsdk2{u} libvamp-sdk1{u} libx264-68{u} libx264-75{u}
> libx264-76{u} libx264-78{u} libx264-79{u} libxklavier12{u}
> libxml-simple-ruby{u} libxmlrpc-c3{u} libxp6{u} libxtrap6{u}
> libxxf86misc1{u} libzip1{u} lmodern{u} lokalize{u} lsb{u} lsb-core{u}
> lsb-cxx{u} lsb-desktop{u} lsb-graphics{u} luatex{u}
> nvidia-kernel-common{u} openssl-blacklist{u} pax{u} policykit{u} poxml{u}
> python-beagle{u} python-crypto{u} python-gconf{u} python-gnomedesktop{u}
> python-gnomekeyring{u} python-openssl{u} python-pam{u} python-paramiko{u}
> python-pyorbit{u} python-serial{u} python-twisted{u} python-twisted-bin{u}
> python-twisted-conch{u} python-twisted-core{u} python-twisted-lore{u}
> python-twisted-mail{u} python-twisted-names{u} python-twisted-news{u}
> python-twisted-runner{u} python-twisted-web{u} python-twisted-words{u}
> python-wnck{u} python-zope.interface{u} python2.4{u} python2.4-dev{u}
> python2.4-minimal{u} rails{u} rake{u} rhino{u} rubygems1.8{u}
> texlive-base{u} texlive-base-bin-doc{u} texlive-common{u}
> texlive-doc-base{u} texlive-luatex{u} tzdata-java{u} umbrello{u}
> uswsusp{u} valgrind{u} xli{u}

Let's see. You didn't bother to keep your system clean in the past so now you 
face these "autoremovals". All these packages have been pulled by something 
else in the past which you have already removed. But those leaf dependencies 
still remain.

You can definitely ignore all those lib* packages. Users typically don't use 
them unless some application(s) automatically install them. What is more, most 
of them listed here have been obsoleted months ago... In fact I suggest to 
mark everything from section 'libs' as autoinstalled:

# aptitude markauto ~slibs

Now this python stuff: python2.4 has been deprecated long long ago and do you 
really need that python-twisted-*, zope? If so, see below.

Now about the packages at the top and very bottom: just pick those which you 
recognize and need. Then execute, e.g.

# aptitude install package another-package ...

and aptitude will no longer want to remove them on the next dist-upgrade. Then 
continue as usual. The win is that you will free 300 mb of crap. Just do it 
once and you will never need to care about it again.

By the way, all these "autoremovals" ({u}) can be matched with aptitude 
'?garbage' search pattern. I will leave you to figure out the full command to 
execute in order to mark them as 'manually installed' if you are just too lazy 
to spend a few minutes cleaning you system up as I explained above.

Modestas Vainius <modestas@vainius.eu>

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