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Re: Nervous about aptitude's desire to smurf my system

On Sunday 07 March 2010, jedd wrote:
>  Howdi,
>  I'm following the guide at :
>  http://qt-kde.debian.net/
>  There's an awful lot of things being removed here ...

When I did the upgrade, aptitude removed the following packages:

devicekit-disks{u} dosfstools{u} fuse-utils{u} ghostscript-x{u}         
  gnokii-common{u} gnome-keyring{u} gvfs{u} hdparm{u} kdepimlibs-data{u}  
  kipi-plugins{a} libart-2.0-2{u} libatasmart4{u} libbluetooth3{u}        
  libbonobo2-0{u} libbonobo2-common{u} libbonoboui2-0{u}                  
  libbonoboui2-common{u} libfuse2{u} libgcr0{u} libgdu0{u}                
  libggadget-1.0-0{u} libggadget-qt-1.0-0{u} libgnokii5{u}                
  libgnome-keyring0{u} libgnome2-0{u} libgnome2-common{u}                 
  libgnomecanvas2-0{u} libgnomecanvas2-common{u} libgnomeui-0{u}          
  libgnomeui-common{u} libgp11-0{u} libgudev-1.0-0{u} libkabcommon4{u}    
  libkdcraw7{a} libkdcraw7-dev{a} libkfontinst4{u} libkipi6{a}            
  libknotificationitem-1-1{u} libkonqsidebarplugin4{u}                    
  libkontactinterfaces4{u} libkwineffects1{u} liblancelot0{u} liblzma1{u} 
  libmarble4{u} libnepomukquery4{u} libnepomukqueryclient4{u}             
  libntfs-3g73{u} libntfs10{u} libpam-gnome-keyring{u} libparted1.8-12{u} 
  libplasma-applet-system-monitor4{u} libplasmaclock4{u}                  
  libpolkit-backend-1-0{u} libpolkit-dbus2{u} libpolkit-grant2{u}         
  libpolkit-qt0{u} libpolkit2{u} libprocesscore4{u} libprocessui4{u}      
  libstrigiqtdbusclient0{u} libtaskmanager4{u} libweather-ion4{u}         
  libxxf86misc1{u} mtools{u} ntfs-3g{u} ntfsprogs{u}                      
  plasma-scriptengine-python{a} plasma-scriptengines{a} pmount{u}         
  policykit-1{u} policykit-1-gnome{u} python-kde4{a} rhino{u}

I freshly installed my system a couple of weeks ago and only installed what I 
really needed. My system seems to work fine after the upgrade.

I saved the list of removed packages to a file, so that I can reinstall them 
when I need them.


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