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Re: KDE4 (squeeze) questions


Curt Howland wrote:
> On Saturday 30 January 2010, Valerio Passini was heard to say:
>> Are you enjoying the hell of the customization?
> Not really. KDE3 was, for me, an excellent experience. Customization 
> was merely a journey from friendly and usable to even more friendly 
> and usable.
> The KDE4 customization journey has been one of constant frustration 
> and disgust while building an endless list of things that "I can't do 
> that any more."
>> Well, if you want 
>> to customize the window border you can install Aurorae that is
>> pretty and themeable.
> No, I'm fine with the "themes" that are there, I don't want to make 
> extra special window decorations. I just don't like gray or light 
> blue.
>> For changing colors you have to select your 
>> favorite in systemsettings -> appearance -> Colors.
> That doesn't change the color of the border of the window. Or if it 
> does, it is so completely invisible a configuration option that I was 
> unable to find it after looking as closely at that setting as it is 
> possible to get and clicking everything in the vain hope of finding 
> it under this or that obscure option.
> I'll look again, hopefully I will see this time what I missed before.

If you are using the default "oxygen" window borders style, you can't do
what you want, shift to "ozone" (or others, "ozone" preserves the
"oxygen" appearance) and remove the tick in "blend title bar color with
window color" (free translation).
>> For modifying KDM you should start systemsettings as superuser,
>> with sudo, su or logging in as root.
> Tried that, and yes I first "xhost +", but it didn't come up. No 
> error, just back to the command line without comment. I'll try again.
>> Bye.

I use keys combination alt + F2 then the command "kdesu systemsettings"
in the command launching pop-up. My system is configured to use "sudo",
if it makes any difference. Maybe the package "kdesudo" is required too,
I don't know if it's dragged in by a KDE meta-package.
>> Valerio
> Bye, yes, very nearly. If it weren't for Kmail, Konqueror and 
> K3b, "bye" it might very well be. Thank Debian that this isn't my 
> machine, and Lenny is still valid with KDE3 for a little while. 
> Curt-

Hope it helps.

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