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Re: KDE4 (squeeze) questions

Alle sabato 30 gennaio 2010, Curt Howland ha scritto:
> Hi. Just installed Squeeze, working on getting used to KDE4.
> How do I change the window border colors? The settings seems to have
> how to change interior window colors, like text and buttons, but the
> border itself doesn't seem to have anywhere to change the color.
> Style, yes, found that.
> I also found where to set up KDM, but it gives me no options to
>  change the KDM settings. No "administrator mode", in KDE3 terms.
> Khelpcenter doesn't seem to exist yet, either. Will that be going in
> any time soon?
Are you enjoying the hell of the customization? Well, if you want to 
customize the window border you can install Aurorae that is pretty and 
themeable. For changing colors you have to select your favorite in 
systemsettings -> appearance -> Colors.
For modifying KDM you should start systemsettings as superuser, with 
sudo, su or logging in as root. Then you can add themes and customize 
almost every part of it.


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