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Hello, all together,

I have a little question about Ktork.

For a few days I tried to test Ktork. But my configuration with privoxy at a 
localhost doesn't work. So I couldn't use these programm at once. I think, 
I have something forgotten and have to check my configuration, especially to 
read the manuals about this.

But this is not my main problem.

Normally I use my Browsers "without" Java and Javascript. After stopping Ktork I 
noticed that I'm online" with" Java and Javascript.

What's this for a bullshit?

My skills are not good enough to test this feature to end, but I think, it's a 
nice horse for friends of the blackbox to get user rights or eventually root 
rights with the browser.

Is this a bug or welcome?

Any hints to stop this feature are welcome.


Lenny 2.26.2-amd64
KDE 3.5.10



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